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 ====== Vakalena ====== ====== Vakalena ======
-Flying city north of Ambara Down. Was host to an elaborate dinner for the board of the Reclamation Project+Appears in [[stories:​year_one:​dark_garden_lake]].
 +Flying city north of [[locations:​ambara_down|]]. Was host to an elaborate dinner for the board of [[organizations:​the_reclamation_project]]. ​
 +===== Author'​s Notes =====
 +Due to Ambara Down being visible from Vakalena, the flying city is within 100 miles (160 kilometers),​ otherwise Ambara Down would be beyond the horizon.
 +Vakalena flys below 15,000 feet due to its inability to hold pressure like the other high cities. It is otherwise in good repair.
 +===== Related Pages =====
 +{{tag>​high_city Dark_Garden_Lake Vakalena}}
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