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Common Name Hamia
Full Name Hamia, Egg Knight of Clan Sandstone, of the Valley of the Soft Grass
Species Wazagans
Gender Neuter (presents as male)
Pronouns He/him
Sexuality Asexual
Profession Mercenary
Organization Unrevealed
Residence No fixed address, formerly of the Valley of the Soft Grass
Appears in Silence and Sword


A huge 2 1/2 meter tall draconian appearing lizard, with blue scales and bright red hair. Wears armor cobbled together from a vehicle or warbot, and a white cloak. Carries a greatsword.


Wazagans are a species of lizards not quite matching any conventional Earth species. They live in the deserts north of the mountains from Ambara Down, and are rarely seen so far south.

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