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Appears in: Silence and Sword

Physical Description

Wazagans are a species of dragon-like humanoid lizards not quite matching any conventional Earth species. They have scales in colors ranging from light blue to deep purple, and have hair on their heads and tufts in their large, mobile ears.


Wazagans, despite having some mammalians features, are egg layers. Eggs are laid by females in large pools of water (usually in protected caves or special temples) and fertilized by males afterward. Eggs that fail to be fertilized hatch neuter clones of their mothers. Eggs take approximately two years to hatch, and such 'egglings' are physically mature at age 25.

Why a desert dwelling species should be so dependent on water for reproductions is a mystery to outsiders, though wazagans have their own ideas


Neuters have special status in wazagan culture, being the only wazagans who can become egg knights and egg priests, charged with protecting and maintaining the birthing pools. No non-wazagan is permitted entry to an egg pool, and any found in one would be severely punished.

They live in the deserts north of the mountains from Ambara Down, and are rarely seen so far south. While not actually hostile to strangers, wazagans do not often welcome outsiders to their settlements.

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