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Ambara Down Scientific Institute (ADSI)

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ADSI is to The Reclamation Project as Miskatonic University is to the Cthulhu Mythos: A potential resource, employer, background element, or wildcard. Officially, their purpose is to foster and develop scientific and technological inquiry, as well as archeological and anthropological projects in and around Ambara Down. And they do all that! However, ADSI has gotten heat in the past about less-than-savory scavenging operations, as well as supplying militant anti-human groups dedicated to removing the RP presence from Ambara Down once and for all.

Professor Tamir Zan is, among other things, Director of Acquisitions for ADSI. He is male, species TBD; no-nonsense, cheerful, and informal, he nevertheless drives a hard bargain and knows his treasure from his trash. He has also been known to engage in shady deals at the Damselfly.


ADSI appeared in the original anthology bible, but did not make it into any of the final stories.

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