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   * [[stories:​year_one:​piece_of_mind|Piece of Mind]] by John R. Robey   * [[stories:​year_one:​piece_of_mind|Piece of Mind]] by John R. Robey
 +  * [[stories:​year_one:​ambara_blues|Ambara Blues]] by Indagare
   * [[stories:​year_one:​insecurity|Insecurity]] by L. Rowyn   * [[stories:​year_one:​insecurity|Insecurity]] by L. Rowyn
   * [[stories:​year_one:​the_underground_star|The Underground Star]] by Nenekiri Bookwyrm   * [[stories:​year_one:​the_underground_star|The Underground Star]] by Nenekiri Bookwyrm
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