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Ambara Blues

by Indagare


Delmar "Del" Nova, a human anthropologist, has been assigned to write on Ambara Down and other zoomorphic places in hopes of improving relations and understanding between the high cities and various earth-bound areas. In particular the hope is for better relations between the Reclamation Project (and High Empyros) and Ambara Down. He is given Tavistad "Tav" Ridgerunner, a jackalope, as both a guide and a bodyguard.

He is attacked and chased by mysterious Reclamation Project guards who want to kill him and frame the zoomorphs. Del and Tav first try to escape them in Prefecture Hall, but leave soon after to a diner owned and run by Hespera Evenstar near the outskirts of Ambara Down. She serves them food and they are met there by three more of Tav's friends: Orven Lightwing (an eagle), Sobit Waveglider (a crocodile), and Marana “Ran” Quagmire (a frog).

After finding out the coin bag he was given is bugged, Del acts as bait for the guards. He's knocked out, but on recovering he finds out the attempt on his life is the scheme of Kyla, a human supremacist who initially believed furries would lead to the extinction of humans, but ultimately came to desire a war that would mean the end of all furries and humans. He's able to defeat her in combat in a zoomorph village just inside the Furry Development while Tav and his friends take out the guards that were helping her (non-networked robots).

Important Events

Director Kyla is removed from her position and word of her assassination attempt gets around.


There are three unnamed employees of the Damselfly: a male-presenting liger with a rainbow mane and a female-presenting human that work dayshift as bartenders and a large, muscular frilled lizard who works as greeter and bouncer. They all have sleeveless black shirts by way of uniforms.

Orven, Sobit, and Ran all like to act tougher and scarier than they really are, especially around humans.

Del is currently staying with Tav in Tav's apartment. He has a monthly stippen from the Reclamation Project for his reports on Ambara's culture and people.

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