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Ms. Smits

Common Name Ms. Smits
Full Name Irene Smits
Species Human
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Sexuality ?
Profession Owner of The Bitten Ear
Organization none specified
Residence Warrens
Appears in The Underground Star


A middle aged woman with salt and pepper hair. She speaks with a youthful and energetic voice. She can usually be seen in blouses and the occasional sundress if the weather is nice. She wears glasses and has a way of making folks forget just how old she is. She employs the help of Eli to deliver packages to some of her clients. She is kept busy most days running the general store she has set up in the Warrens called The Bitten Ear.


She has history with Heather, as she knows her old alias. The packages that she had Eli deliver had messages of some sort hidden in them. Who she was trying to communicate with has not been revealed yet.

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