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The Underground Star

by Nenekiri Bookwyrm


The Underground Star focuses on the journey of a rabbit named Eli Tempes through his teen years as he tries to get to the top of a strange gleaming tower of metal hidden beneath the Warrens in its' many tunnels. On the way to the top Eli gets involved with Ms. Smits delivering packages to her clients. He lives with his Mom, Heather Tempes, and by the end of the story decides to follow his long-lost friend, Jack, who has recently come back to the Warrens with a dire message about the Reclamation Project and some plan he is working on stopping with others in the Outskirts.

Important Events

Eli discovers a strange tower underground in the Warrens, giving him the impetus to climb and reach for his goals.

Jack sees something he isn't supposed to. This leads to him leaving for years and coming back to try and recruit Eli to help him in the Outskirts.

Heather confronts Ms. Smits on what she's been having Eli deliver to her clients.

Eli figures out he's good at running and fixing machines. He spends years training these two skills in pursuit of his star.

Eli manages to grab the star, which he discovers is an ordinary looking coin, and decides to join Jack in the Outskirts.

Characters Introduced

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