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Joe Wildmon

Common Name Joe
Full Name Joe Wildmon
Species Leopard
Gender Male
Pronouns he/him
Sexuality Not declared
Profession Electronics Repair/Tinkering
Residence Ambara Down
Appears in Silence and Sword

Physical Description

A typical male leopard, slightly shorter than average. Usually wearing work boots.


Joe has an electronics repair shop in a poorer section of Ambara Down, in a building that tilts 5 degrees off true since Ambara's impact. He has a minor local reputation as a clever tinkerer, and has a unnamed friend in the Prefect's Guard. He doesn't normally engage in violence, but harbors resentment towards the Reclamation Project.

In terms of personality, Joe is easygoing, though he sometimes expresses exasperation with the sheer amount of weirdness in Ambara Down.

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