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Hover Vehicles

Transport vehicles of various sizes distinguished by their use of anti-gravity technology (as opposed to “aerohover” vehicles, the original hovercraft carried on a cushion of air contained by a flexible skirt). Sub-types include:


Light personal transports capable of carrying one to two passengers. Their quality varies, with human models sporting cleaner finishes and some shielding (appears as blue bubble around the rider), while Ambaran and wastelander bikes are more makeshift. They may or may not be armed, though raiders don’t have trouble firing from them during attacks.

Hovercars/Small AG Transports

Bigger than a bike but smaller than a skiff, these vehicles are more common among the humans of the Reclamation Project. Closed cabins provide more cover from the elements during travel, and their small size and anti-gravity capabilities let them reach nearly anywhere. No armaments or armor are mentioned, though it can be reasonably assumed that diplomatic or military transports feature more gadgetry than the common models.


Sizes and shapes vary, though they seem to range in size from a small pickup truck to a mid-sized fishing boat. They are held aloft by anti-gravity engines and may use fins and steering vanes along with thrusters to move in most directions. Useful for transporting groups of passengers and a light amount of cargo over any terrain. Hoverskiffs can fly high off the ground, though most pilots keep them low for general travel. Some can be equipped with shield generators and crash/impact foam deployment systems are common in case of wrecks.


These vehicles are normally equal in size or larger than hoverskiffs and typically feature more enclosed designs for high-altitude flight. Heavier armor, shielding, weaponry, and other technologies make these ships perfect for mercenaries and the Reclamation Project’s military divisions. Many designs appear to be inspired by ancient rotorcraft, as hoverships are adept at getting personnel into and out of various locations.

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