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High Gravitas

This location is one of the flying High Cities.

Appears in: Persephone's Chance

One of the High Cities, this medium-sized airborne metropolis hovers somewhere far east of verDen. Shortly after Ambara’s fall, the overpopulated city launched an invasion of the zoomorph-developed region, hoping to secure resources and living space. While they thought the nation-state would easily roll over, Gravitan forces were sorely mistaken as they met fierce and diverse resistance. Despite possessing advanced technology, their rigid strategies and inexperienced leaders couldn’t cope with the adaptive, determined, coordinated, and creative verDenner defenses and counterstrikes. Before High Gravitas sent a second wave, verDen managed to damage a gravity unit and threatened to finish the job unless the city surrendered. High Gravitas agreed to end hostilities and has spent the last several decades pursuing other efforts to meet their needs. They gladly joined The Reclamation Project, but since they will always fly lower than the other cities with their scarred engine, they will be the first to warn against underestimating what zoomorphs are capable of.

(Source: author's notes)

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