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Appears in: Persephone's Chance

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A mountainous nation-state on the continent far across the ocean to the west of Ambara Down, inhabited by various zoomorph species. Built on a foundation of respect for the natural environment, fellow zoomorphs, and the responsible use of technology, verDen enjoys a relatively stable existence with a happy and healthy population. However, verDenners also remain watchful of large-scale human activity, especially after the One-Year War against High Gravitas not long after Ambara crashed. Unwilling to see history repeat itself, the nation has taken steps to prepare for future human and Pax Machina threats, and they gladly help other zoomorph communities do the same. The capital city is MyleHigh.

Origins and Culture

The nation-state of verDen was founded by several widespread zoomorph communities living throughout the region who united after finding a network of libraries under the mountains. Built and buried long before the cataclysm and fall of High Humanity, the bunker libraries contained knowledge, resources, somewhat advanced technology, and most importantly, lessons and warnings for how to rebuild a society. The full record of all human history prior to the network’s creation had degraded, but the library systems preserved the key elements their creators wanted passed on to the future.

Therefore, to promote harmony, prosperity, and justice, the culture of verDen grew to support and defend zoomorphs of all species, regional origins, genders, identities, creeds, ages, and physical abilities. With many different groups coming together to form a nation, they realized the importance of including every zoomorph dedicated to the common good. An early founder saying, “Our differences make us strong; our vision makes us one” became a sort of national motto as verDen built itself over and around the remains of the old cities.

The mindful, sustainable, and responsible use of technology and natural resources were also ingrained into verDen’s foundation. Technology had the power to improve the lives of verDenners and ensure their safety against threats such as Pax Machina. However, the libraries stressed that care must be taken not to allow technology to become a tool of oppression and control, which would eventually lead to dangerous societal divides. Additionally, while the region is rich in materials, the libraries also warned against depleting and damaging the environment. As a result, technology and innovation are allowed to advance over time as long as their use does not harm zoomorphs or the land they live on.

Even before the One-Year War against the human invaders of High Gravitas, verDen understood the importance of defense, as all of the founding communities had encountered hostile machines, zoomorph raiders, and human forces. From a young age, citizens are taught defensive skills and how to work together, ensuring the general population is prepared in case of emergencies. Regular training and lessons continue into early adulthood, especially now with the formation of the Reclamation Project. Daily life is much more relaxed, however, with verDenners enjoying a four-day work week, leaving three days to pursue exercise, hobbies, passions, and leisure in general. Most use their days off to practice creative pursuits, leading to growing musical, performative, literary, and visually artistic scenes.


verDen’s geography is diverse, with eastern plains, grasslands, and foothills rising into forested alpine mountains, high-altitude deserts, and snow-capped peaks in the west-central regions before flattening out into arid grasslands again in the far west. Sand dunes and deep canyons are also scattered around the Particularly Rocky Mountains (aka, the Parockies) that run through the nation-state.

Rivers, lakes, and other sources of water can be found at all altitudes, usually fed by snowmelt from the mountains. Several hot and cold springs also supply water from deep under the Earth, which verDenners use for drinking, irrigation, relaxation/healing, and recreation. Major cities, like MyleHigh, feature artificial rivers that small boats and semi-aquatic zoomorphs can use to travel quickly in the warmer months. Keeping all water sources as clean as possible is extremely important to the population, so any services or industries that come into contact with water are designed with sustainability in mind. Hydropower is also common near rivers and stronger streams.

The forests are filled with various tree species (mostly types of conifers, aspens, and cottonwoods) and other hardy vegetation. Autumn in verDen is particularly beautiful, with mountain forests awash in brilliant red and yellow leaves. In some regions, specially maintained crops of bamboo are grown to use for clothing, construction, and food. Similarly, hemp is cultivated to create hempcrete construction blocks, which make up a majority of new verDenner structures.

Only the highest mountaintops retain snow throughout the year, although other high-altitude areas will see more snow than lower lands in the winter. Many zoomorph species, especially those originally from colder climates, inhabit numerous towns throughout the mountains rebuilt from old world ski resorts. Smaller airships and closed hoverskiffs are commonly used to travel to these settlements since the winding roads take a while to traverse.


verDen experiences all four seasons throughout the year. However, due to the mountains, some regions can run through all four seasons in a single day during the fall and winter months. Fortunately, the weather is usually mild and sunny throughout most of the year. Additionally, as a general rule, with an increase in elevation comes a decrease in temperature and an increase in precipitation.


Roughly two million zoomorphs live throughout verDen, with most concentrated in major cities and towns. Additionally, a significant number of morphs also live in village communities, particularly in the Divide, a cold and arid region west of the main mountain ranges. Animosity or tension between species is practically nonexistent, even between herbivores and carnivores. Cultural agreements and sources of non-sentient meat/protein developed over the years have made verDen open to the vast majority of zoomorphs. Morphs based on animals native to the region are common, although the different micro-climates and geographical features offer comfortable living areas for species from around the world. For example, snow leopards love the high mountains and the towns they’ve built there alongside other species adapted for cold weather.

verDenners have a strong belief that all non-human species should respect each other, and that through cooperation and collaboration, zoomorphs can survive mechanical and human threats. Alternatively, while humans are not completely forbidden from verDen, they are looked upon with a degree of suspicion, especially now that Reclamation Project activity is uniting the High Cities. Humans can visit and travel around certain areas if they have the correct paperwork, but they will be accompanied by a guide to keep an eye on them. Typically, older citizens are more wary of humans, since they still remember the One-Year War, only about 44 years in the nation’s past. Younger generations still keep their guard up around humans, but they are much more willing to interact with them.

(Source: Author's notes.)

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