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verDenner Freelancers

Appears in: Persephone's Chance

Mercenaries and adventurers with the support of the verDen Defense Force authorized to carry out operations outside of verDen to protect zoomorph communities. They are open to accept any contracts from outside parties so long as they don’t harm verDenner allies or violate the Freelance Network’s code of conduct. Crews normally possess vDF training and use a variety of vehicles, weapons, equipment, and tactics. Since they are so far from their home country, the only direct assistance freelancers can expect comes from other crews or small FN outposts around the world. These outposts are inns/taverns that will cater to non-criminal adventurers, not just verDenners, and can supply lodging, food, equipment, repairs, upgrades, and other services.

(Source: author's notes)

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