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Hespera Evenstar

Common Name Hespera
Full Name Hespera Evenstar
Species Augmented Human
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Sexuality Asexual
Profession Cook
Organization None
Residence The back of her diner.
Appears in Ambara Blues


Hespera has dark skin, purple eyes, pointy ears, and multicolored hair like a sunset (yellow near her eyebrows, deep black in the back). She is very much into tech and has put some in her menus, dishes, and even silverware that allow her to move them around remotely to impress guests. These are not part of a network that Pax can use. She and Tav have a running gag around any newcomers of pretending to be seriously irked with one another. It doesn't last long before one of them starts laughing.


Hespera runs and owns the Evenstar Diner which also doubles as her home. She and Tav have a long history together and they'll help one another out any time they can. Other people may help her out for 'mates rates' on food.

*Hero Forge - the hair isn't quite right, but it's close enough.

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