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Tsaibei Hrotan

This character died in Piece of Mind.

Common Name Tsaibei Hrotan
Full Name
Species hybrid yak/ram morph
Gender male
Pronouns he/him
Sexuality ?
Profession wasteland warlord
Organization (self)
Appears in Piece of Mind, Dark Garden Lake (mention), Star of the Savannah (mention)

Physical Description

“The warlord was from a hybrid species, powerful and enormous, probably engineered for labor. He had the bulk, musculature, and color of a yak, but the horns of a ram, and he was covered in shaggy brown wool. Some of the wool was shaved off in inflamed red patches to make space for badly grafted cybernetics, including several on his skull, and a large servo-arm with a mounted laser cutter and skeletal-looking gripping appendage on the end. Haru blinked and worked her tongue to keep from being nauseated by the sight and smell of his open wounds.”


Refers to himself as “Duke Hrotan,” and was a key figure in the wars between humans and furries in Ambara Down, where he was known as “General Hrotan of the Ambara Defense Front (ADF)” and “the architect of the Sickle Bay Massacre.” At one point mind-linked with Pax Machina. Presumably killed at the end of Piece of Mind when his flying fortress falls from the sky.

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