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Dark Garden Lake

by Kayode Lycaon


Dark Garden Lake is a bittersweet story about Moshi, a cyborg painted dog, created by the Department of Greenfield Projects (Part of the Reclamation Project). He is given a mission to kill the furred folk terrorist, Landolf. He is terribly lonely as he plays a political long game that requires him to take actions that weigh on his soul. He finds comfort in the unlikely arms of Bajit, a hyena prostitute, hired by his handler, Joyce.

Important Events

Moshi assassinated Landolf, a robin hood figure. Landolf was killed in front of her daughter's school in West Park. While there were many witnesses, no one saw who fired the bullet. In Reclamation Project - Year Two, this action escalated tensions between Ambara Down and High Empyros.

Percy set up a meeting between Landolf and Moshi in the Warrens.

Pax Machina gave Moshi a time and place to assassinate Landolf.

Other Notes

Before Moshi leaves his apartment on Vakalena to go to Ambara Down, he meets with Richard, a close friend and Greenfield Operations' armorer, to pick up a GR-6 Light Railgun. This is the weapon he uses to assassinate Landolf.

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