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Joe's Electronics

Located in Ambara Down.

Appears in Silence and Sword.

A shop owned by Joe Wildmon, Joe's Electronics offers repair services, plus used and refurbished electronic equipment at reasonable prices. Most of the equipment to be found Joe either scrounged from the Warrens himself, or bought from other Warren scavvies. It's rare that he has anything outright new for sale, as he doesn't buy RP manufactured equipment on principle. He also doesn't knowingly buy stolen goods, and would report any he found to the Prefect's Guard.

Joe's shop is in a poorer section of Ambara Down, the building knocked five degrees off true by the flying city's impact. As a result, Joe keeps a tray nailed to the front counter, to keep objects from sliding off onto the floor. He lives in a small studio apartment in the back section of the shop.

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