The Reclamation Project

A furry solarpunk shared world.

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The Reclamation Project Universe is copyright of The Gneech and FurPlanet. No license is given to create derivative works outside of official publications by FurPlanet.


Special Expeditions (SPEX)

Appears In: Persephone's Chance

The covert arm of the Reclamation Project’s exploration and artifact recovery efforts, SPEX teams are assigned missions the RP would prefer no one hears about. Their objectives are usually to acquire ancient technology by any means necessary or deal with more stubborn obstacles for the RP. As with most parts of the RP, there are many subunits and forces attached to particular cities, who display varying degrees of loyalty and cooperation with each other. Due to this, and the reluctance of some in RP leadership to publicly acknowledge SPEX operations, there can also be a wide spectrum in the level of training, equipment, and overall effectiveness of units.

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