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Tana Brontide

Common Name
Full Name Dr. Tana Brontide
Species human (skyborn)
Gender female
Pronouns she/her
Sexuality ?
Profession Researcher
Organization Special Expeditions (SPEX)
Appears in Persephone's Chance


Tan skin and brunette hair, hazel eyes.


Tana internalized her father’s belief that humans must reclaim the surface or perish. Born and raised on High Gravitas, Tana received the education and training needed to become a top-ranking researcher in RP Special Expeditions, serving as her father’s second-in-command. Unlike Commander Brontide, Tana takes a more calculated and surgical approach to matters, only engaging if she’s confident her forces have a high chance of success. She can still be as ruthless as her father, though, and is willing to pursue any means to reclaim Ambara Down and the rest of the surface.

Daughter of Janus Brontide.

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