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Janus Brontide

Common Name
Full Name Commander Janus Brontide
Species human (groundborn)
Gender male
Pronouns he/him
Sexuality ?
Profession SPEX Officer
Organization Special Expeditions (SPEX)
Appears in Persephone's Chance


Dark tan skin, dark hair, brown eyes.


Raised in a surface mining village serving the city of High Gravitas, he lost everything to a Hangdog raider attack immediately followed by a Pax Machina scavenging party. As the village’s sole survivor, he saw how a technological deficit hindered his community’s ability to fight off the threats that destroyed them. Additionally, the ordeal taught him how little High Gravitas cared for those it deemed “expendable” on the surface. When Gravitan forces finally arrived, they took Brontide up to the flying city where he spent the rest of his childhood. Haunted by his inability to save his family, he vowed to never be powerless again. He has a general animosity towards zoomorphs, but also a carefully hidden vendetta against any High City leaders blind to the struggles of their fellow humans on the surface.

Father of Tana Brontide.

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