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Common Name Chrome
Full Name Fiery Chrome Orchid
Species fox-kin
Gender female
Pronouns she/her
Sexuality asexual
Profession musicmancer
Residence Ambara Down
Appears in Chromium Maneuvers


Chrome is tall and lithe, with blazing red fur crowned by a rainbow coxcomb of metallic hair running from red at the nape of her neck to her violet forelock. She has mirrored lenses inset over her eyes, and chromed “gloves” running from her fingertips to her elbows.


Chrome is a musicmancer, a combination DJ and composer, creating music and light shows. She considers herself the best musicmancer in Ambara Down, performing DownBeat.

Chrome has several cybernetic enhancements. Her inset lenses allow her to adjust the light that enters her eyes and can be switched to see in the infrared range, and she has a hyper-sensitivity to beat and vibration.

Her fur is bioluminescent, with patches that light up across her body and then can move. Each section of her crest can light up in its particular color. The chromed fur of her forearms are fiber-optic fibers, and can cast light from their tips. This lighting is part of what are called her “chromium maneuvers,” and is put to full effect in her musicmancy.

She is a silent investor in the the Nine Coins, which helps her avoid paying taxes.

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