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Chromium Maneuvers

by Matt Trepal


While preparing for her show at the Damselfly during the Ambara Down Founders Festival, the musicmancer Chrome watches a troop of Reclamation Project soldiers arrive and deploy around the building, definitely putting a damper on the celebration. The ‘Claimers have come to shut the Festival down, as their leader, Commander Lillioka, announces to the astonishment of the crowd. Later at the bar, Chrome overhears two ‘Claimer soldiers gossiping about Lillioka’s desire to climb the Reclamation Project ranks. Chrome collects her friend Rust to plan a way for Chrome to perform despite the presence of the ‘Claimers, humiliating Lillioka.

Later, Chrome meets Rust and Jemmy, another accomplice. Rust has brought Tischa, the proprietress of a brothel, who Rust claims has some dirt on Lillioka, but Chrome is unimpressed. She has no interest in exposing the ‘Claimer’s vices, only his scheming. Tischa urges Chrome to examine the information she has brought. It is a video that shows that Commander Lillioka and Minister Cloudbearer, a member of the Ambara Down government, know each other very intimately, and their conversation afterwards allows Chrome to finalize her plans.

That evening, Chrome puts her plan into motion. Rumors have spread about her show and the square before the Damselfly is crowded, to the confusion and worry of the ‘Claimers. Besides fans of her music, Chrome notices members of the ADF, and worries about the real possibility of violence. Jemmy climbs down from the Damselfly’s roof to the balcony where Chrome’s equipment still waited. Once there, he plays a pre-recorded set of Chrome’s music.

This causes a tremendous stir. The Ambarans cheer, and the ‘Claimers react in confusion, and Chrome takes advantage to enter the Damselflly and find Commander Lillioka. Almost immediately, the Commander confronts her, issuing threats. Chrome takes the Commander aside, along with Minister Cloudbearer, who had arrived at the Damselfly earlier in the day, to show them the video supplied by Tischa. Lillioka attempts to attack Chrome, but is restrained by Rust, who had been hiding nearby.

The commotion attracts the attention of Lt. Premanayanat of the Prefect’s Guard, who demands to know why a citizen might be restraining an officer of the Reclamation Project and a District Minister of Ambara Down. Lillioka claims diplomatic immunity and Cloudbearer lies about her involvement, leading Chrome to show her video to the Lieutenant. It shows Lillioka and Cloudbearer discussing their plan to expand the Reclamation Project territory over the Damselfly. Lt. Premanayanat recognizes Lillioka’s immunity and allows him to leave, which he does, abandoning his lover, who is arrested. As the ‘Claimers retreat back across The Fence, Chrome goes on with her show, as intended.

Important Events

There is something valuable under the Damselfly – valuable enough that Minister Cloudbearer was willing to throw in with the ‘Claimers and their promises of wealth and power – but what is it?

Lillioka and his troops were sent scuttling back to the Reclamation Project Territory, but this episode does not seem to have tempered his ambitions.

Cloudbearer was taken into custody by the Prefect's Guard, but it is unclear what will happen to her.


The story was inspired by the "La Marseillaise" scene from the film CASABLANCA.

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