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Delmar Nova

Common Name Del
Full Name Delmar Nova
Species Human
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him/They
Sexuality Demisexual
Profession Anthropologist/Writer
Organization Reclamation Project
Residence Ambara Down (Tav's apartment)
Appears in Ambara Blues


Del is a human around 2 meters (6'5“) tall and weighing an average of 81.6 kg (180 lbs.). He has brownish skin, hair and eyes. He has average fitness.


Del comes from a high city, but not from High Empyros.1) Director Kyla also was from there before her removal. His city has a light pollution problem that causes the night sky to appear as a large, black dome with only a few high-magnitude stars showing. The city has efficiency apartments that are (just) large enough for the occupant and include fold-in bed, cloths-cleaning units, a shower, and a food printer. (Think of the tiny apartments in Tokyo.) Though he gets permission to stargaze (after a three month wait), the various rooftop gardens are technically available to the public at any time.

Del has written a treatise on the thirteen cities in the Reclamation Project and has been on the surface enough to write knowledgeably on various zoomorphic cultures. All his works are considered very impressive and are why he's assigned to Ambara Down. Despite what should be fame and fortune he lives fairly humbly and does not put on airs. He is currently writing on Ambara Down and the adjacent furry development.

*In future stories he will likely have learned some martial skills from Tav.

*Hero Forge Image

Kayode's Note: At the beginning of the story, Del is living in an apartment on High Empyros
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