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Tavistad Ridgerunner

Common Name Tav
Full Name Tavistad Ridgerunner
Species Heraldic (Jackalope)
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him/They
Sexuality Bisexual
Profession Adventurer/Bodyguard
Organization Ambara Down Prefecture
Residence Ambara Down
Appears in Ambara Blues


Tav has cinnamon brown fur with a cream torso, neck, and muzzle. He has emerald green eyes and ivory white horns on his head. He generally only wears a black belt with many pouches, a blue and green skirt, and dark brown sandals.


Tav is a Heraldic. Tav's main abilities are a super-leap and super strength (he can carry and jump with Del with ease). Using these augments is draining and requires a lot of food after.

Tav works with and is loyal to Prefect Durgavati. He has a colorful history involving (among other things) fighting mobsters, black marketeers, and insane cultists. He is friends with Hespera Evenstar, Orven Lightwing, Sobit Waveglider, and Marana “Ran” Quagmire.

*Tav has likely known Durgavati a while. He's willing to play bodyguard for Del, even if he likes to pull pranks on Del.

*Hero Forged Image - while his headfur is a bit thicker and more hair-like, he doesn't have an actual mane. His figure just looked wrong when I left it bald. The limitations there won't allow sandals on his feet (more plantigrade than pictured) or more pouches.

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