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Commander Lillioka

Common Name Lillioka
Full Name Commander Marcel Lillioka
Species human
Gender male
Pronouns he/him
Profession Reclamation Project Security Services
Organization The Reclamation Project
Residence Reclamation Project Territory
Appears in Chromium Maneuvers


Commander Lillioka is short but powerfully built, with sleek black hair that frames his face and falls to his shoulders. He has “dark, dark” eyes and brown skin that is completely covered with intricate tattoos.


Lillioka is legate of the Eighth Cohort, Reclamation Project Security Services, and eager to improve his station within the Project. This caused him to plot to expand the Reclamation Project Territory to encompass the Damselfly in order to recover something he found beneath it.

He and Cloudbearer were lovers, and co-conspirators in his plot, but once it was uncovered he abandoned her to return to the Reclamation Project Territory.

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