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Minister Cloudbearer

Common Name Cloudbearer
Full Name
Species horse-morph
Gender female
Pronouns she/her
Profession Ambara Down District Minister
Organization Prefect's Office
Residence Ambara Down
Appears in Chromium Maneuvers


Cloudbearer is a horse-morph, a dappled gray mare who is sleek, slender, and tall. Before the events of Chromium Maneuvers she would wear the crimson-and-gold sash that denoted her position as a District Minister of Ambara Down and often be accompanied by a retinue of secretaries and assistants.


Cloudbearer and Commander Lillioka were lovers and co-conspirators in his plot to expand the Reclamation Project Territory, but when the plot was uncovered she was abandoned to Lt. Premanayanat and the Prefect’s Guard.

Rust voted for her, and was shocked to find her involved in Lillioka’s scheme.

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