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The Damselfly

Located in Ambara Down.

Appears in: Piece of Mind, Chromium Maneuvers

From Piece of Mind:

At the heart of the city, directly across from The Fence’s busiest gate, just inside furry territory, a tower of dark blue glass gleamed in the morning sun like a sapphire, three stories tall. This was The Damselfly, the de facto meeting place for anyone and everyone in Ambara Down. It was a bar, a nightclub, a town hall, a world of its own; and inside, motes floated in the blue haze of the morning sunlight and created an atmosphere of not having really woken up yet.

“Everybody Comes to the Damselfly,” a bar/nightclub that is the unofficial watering hole/meeting place for just about everyone. While it is technically in the furry Prefecture, the place is centrally located, on the edge of the market district just over the fence from RP-controlled territory. It’s popular with humans because the food and music are so much better/cooler than the stuff on their side of the fence, and because it’s the best place to find work/clues/trouble/a good time. It’s a large and sprawling affair with an open main room, a balcony level, back rooms, etc. If you’ve seen Casablanca, it’s like Rick’s Café, except even moreso. Shady characters are running black market businesses out of the corners, there’s a bandstand with usually some kind of music going (even if it’s just the jukebox), there’s a gambling club off in a private room, etc.

Physically, the Damselfly is three stories tall, with a vaulted main room in the center and radiating rooms from there. It is decorated in deep blues and purples with turquoise highlights, with a large palm tree near the main entrance and bays for smaller palm trees built into the bar. The bar also has a large mirror that serves the dual function of making it seem like there are infinite drink bottles ready, as well as making it easier for people to keep track of what’s going on around them. There is extensive programmable ambient LED lighting, including UV and IR-spectrum effects for creatures who can see them.

Known characters associated with the Damselfly include:

  • Liger male bartender, name unknown
  • Human female bartender, name unknown
  • Frilled lizard male bouncer/greeter, name unknown; muscular and imposing
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