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Sewer Tea (Location)

Located in Ambara Down.

Appears in Sewer Tea.

Tea shop owned by Treeklak. The front of the shop is fully open, but faced with a large amount of greenery in the form of draping vines that function as a natural curtain. The inside, an about ten meter wide pipe going into the ground with the opening facing the front, is a mix of post industrial, avian friendly seating made from scaffold pipes, reclaimed wood, and similar materials. The serving area area is a tall, circular pod in the bottom center of the pipe, with the work area around the pod, and surrounded by a segmented circular bar with stools in front of it. The work area includes facilities for making teas, coffees, and an oven for baking, which is usually busy making some delicious treat or another.

The shop is located half a kilometer up a mountain in the suburbs of Ambara Down, and is surrounded by greenery, which hides the avian settlement from prying eyes, though several hundred live there. It is situated in the opening of an exposed main sewer and water treatment area which once served a large housing development on the sea-facing mountain. The development was demolished (along with the majority of its inhabitants) when Ambara careened out of the sky and scraped down the mountainside. Many of the things found in the Warrens are likely to be from that development, though those items specifically will not have fared well under the weight of a city running over the top of them.

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