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Common Name Guy
Full Name
Species human
Gender male
Pronouns he/him
Profession day shift manager of the Damselfly
Organization The Damselfly
Appears in Chromium Maneuvers

Physical Description

Guy is described as “pasty” and “pale,” and is bald.


Guy is rumored to be a former ‘Claimer who jumped the Fence and went native in Old Ambara.

When Commander Lillioka and his troops arrive at the Damselfly, Guy makes little effort to stand up to them. Rust speculates that this is because Brexa hasn’t given him the authority to do anything like that, especially if the ‘Claimers decide to smash the place up. When Lt. Premanayanat makes exactly that sort of threat, Guy quickly leads him to Commander Lillioka.

He is named Guy because the author thought that a human named “Guy” in a city full of talking animals was a hoot.

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