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Port Collie

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Appears in: Persephone's Chance

A forested city north of verDen known for its high-quality food and beverages, arts, sustainable agriculture, and technological research. Officially a separate entity, Port Collie has a strong alliance with verDen to promote regional trade and defense. “PoCo” manages cargo airship fleets to bring various products to and from markets across the continent and world, making it a small yet energetic hub for adventure or recreation.

Additional details

Port Collie shares the same geography, climate, and general culture as verDen. The city itself sits at the foot of the Parockies, with most buildings nestled within a forest of leafy trees. Like verDen, there are underground structures connected to tunnels and shelters in case of attacks. Since PoCo is on the edge of clearly controlled verDenner territory, Pax Machina drones and raider groups sometimes trigger a defensive response. The Hangdogs, a loose alliance of zoomorph bandit gangs made up of only canine species, are the most common raider threat. They avoid striking the city itself and mostly try to steal what they can from the small villages and singular houses that dot the land around PoCo.

Living on the frontier has taught Port Collie’s population how to band together when times are tough, and they are prepared to fight back against any dangers. Sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture, manufacturing, and air shipping keep PoCo busy, as do the various businesses that serve the students of the large university near the city’s center. However, while they work hard, they also like to play hard. verDen’s enthusiasm for outdoor recreation and fitness carried over into PoCo culture, with most residents engaging in some form of physical activity several days out of the week. Bike trails and waterways weave through the city, hiking paths snake through the mountains, and rafts navigate river rapids in the northwestern canyons. Snowfall brings sledding and other winter activities.

Food and drinks made from local ingredients or some imports help Port Collie cater to every zoomorph species. With hundreds of restaurants and styles, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Various festivals for music, arts, and entertainment are scattered throughout the year, ensuring that there is always something fun to look forward to.

Source: author's notes

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