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Prefect's Office

Located in Ambara Down.

Prefect Durgavati has been the Prefect of Ambara Down for the past decade. Her office is efficiently run and tastefully yet organically decorated, with the air of a Shogun’s palace. Large portions of her staff are also lionesses from her own family, but this is not exclusively the case. Durgavati is a shrewd leader, serious-minded and dedicated to her people, with the barest hint of an impish sense of humor that goes over the heads of many. She gained and holds her position, quite literally, by being able to herd cats.

At ten stories, the building housing the Prefect’s Office is one of the largest buildings to have survived the crash. This is helped by the fact that it was originally designed to evoke the arch-and-crossbar style of ancient Japanese architecture, which made it quite stable (and adds to the “Shogunate” feel).

The Prefect has the authority to manage the day-to-day operations of the city, which includes adjudicating disputes, directing the use of resources, or even commanding police forces and militia during a crisis. However, her power is neither unlimited nor absolute. Instead, it derives from a council of District Ministers, who are chosen via rotating election every three years. Under the Ministers are their appointed Officers.

Additional known characters associated with the Prefect’s Office:

  • Un-named “wading bird” clerk
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