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Prefect Durgavati

Common Name Durgavati
Full Name Durgavati
Species lion morph
Gender female
Pronouns she/her
Sexuality ?
Profession Prefect of Ambara Down
Organization Prefect's Office
Residence Ambara Down
Appears in Piece of Mind, Dark Garden Lake (mention), Persephone's Chance (mention), Chromium Maneuvers (mention)

Physical Description

Tall and imposing, dark tawny fur, placid demeanor but terrifying when roused. Wears finery befitting her office.


An extremely important figure in the world, Durgavati, the Prefect of Ambara Down is described as “great” and “bold” by her admirers and detractors alike. She refers to herself as having been “a revolutionary” and is trained in personal combat, tactics, and the use of heavy firearms. Took part in the wars between humans and the furries of Ambara Down and had some kind of history with Tsaibei Hrotan before the events of Piece of Mind. Critics refer to her office as “nepotistic,” but Durgavati describes herself to Tsaibei Hrotan as “belonging to Ambara, not the other way around.”

Her personal assistant, operations manager, and bodyguard is Chief Steward Haru.

Trivia: Named after Rani Durgavati, a queen of Gondwana.

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