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Moshi is a prototype cybernetic painted dog created by the Department of Greenfield Projects. He was originally created to deal with rogue combat drones that occasionally attack farms but the project was too expensive. He now does special operations works for the department that created him.

Full Name Moshi
Species Cyborg Painted Dog
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Sexuality Asexual? (Not stated)
Profession Assassin
Organization Department of Greenfield Projects
Residence Vakalena
Appears in Dark Garden Lake

Physical Description

Moshi is always a painted dog but his fur color is programmable. His cybernetic enhancements are not visible.

Cybernetic Equipment

Moshi's cybernetics includes all of the functionality of a modern smartphone and more. His recording system can capture every sense his body has and he can replay them, right down to how his muscles felt.

Other equipment of note:

  • Thermal/optical camouflage
  • Heads up display for weapon targeting
  • Infrared Sensors
  • Carbon-fiber reinforced skeleton and claws
  • Enhanced muscles
  • Assassination program


Moshi lives on Vakalena, a flying city north of Ambara Down, with Bajit, male striped hyena prostitute. Much to Bajit's annoyance, Moshi has never shown any interest in sex.

Percy is his contact with underground groups within the furry community. The two are close friends despite how they met. They frequently exchange letters and Moshi helps Percy whenever he can.

His handler is Joyce.

His favorite weapon is a GR-6 Light Railgun.

Author's Notes

Moshi's Age

Moshi is in his early 30s. It was stated in the opening scene that Moshi grew up the same way humans did and received the same education. This likely included a university degree.


Moshi regularly attends religious services with Richard.

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