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Kyla Themis

Common Name Kyla
Full Name Kyla Themis
Species Human
Gender Female
Pronouns She/Her
Sexuality Straight
Profession Unemployed
Organization None Currently
Residence Currently Unknown
Appears in Ambara Blues


Kyla was the Director of the high city Del is from. She became obsessed with data that seemed to suggest that humans were slowly becoming extinct. Eventually this turned into a mad desire to kill all non-humans and, finally, a desire to kill everything through war. She planned to start this war by killing Del and framing the furries. Fortunately she was stopped.


Kyla has an average human build and, at the time of Ambara Blues, no martial training at all. In author's notes her motivations to help surface humans were thwarted by the Reclamation Project which is part of what started her downward spiral. While she was relieved of her director's position, she has not necessarily been incarcerated and could still be at large.

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