The Reclamation Project

A furry solarpunk shared world.

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TRP - Year One

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The Reclamation Project Universe is copyright of The Gneech and FurPlanet. No license is given to create derivative works outside of official publications by FurPlanet.


The Reclamation Project

The Reclamation Project is a series of anthologies of furry stories in a shared world, a fantasy setting of a post-cataclysmic but ultimately optimistic future. Drawing elements from solarpunk, sword and sorcery/sword and planet, and super-science adventure tales, Reclamation tells the story of this future world by focusing on the stories of the furs who live in it.

The world of Reclamation is designed to provide a wide variety of avenues for storytelling.

  • Intrigue? Every community on the planet is a world to itself, isolated by geography, species, or old rivalries and competition for resources. The Reclamation Project– a handful of high-technology human enclaves who seek to establish order from their floating cities– are either benevolent unifiers or thieving tyrants, depending on who you ask.
  • Beauty? This is a world of skyscrapers overrun by kudzu, of pearlescent-skinned airfish floating in the twilight mists, and dragonflies the size of a bus. A thousand different intelligent species, uplifted to sapience during a lost age, come together, mingle, fall in love, and build communities with unique and vibrant cultures.
  • Mystery? How the world of Reclamation came to be is not entirely known, even by those who study it the most diligently. A great dark age between the Days of High Humanity and the beginnings of the Reclamation Project has left tantalizing clues and rampant speculation, but precious little proof.
  • Weird powers and wild action? Reclamation is a world of superscience that can be indistinguishable from magic. Reclamation Teams and desperate treasure-hunters explore ancient and crumbling vaults for lost technology, under the orders of AI hiveminds. Slavers and bandit kings carve out petty kingdoms and form nation-alliances in the hopes of competing with or one day even taking the fight to the Reclamation Project.

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If you don't have time to read everything, you can review the Important Events. (But you really should read the anthology. It's good.)

The Reclamation Project - Year One

Available from FurPlanet (Paperback) and BadDogBooks (E-Book)

The Reclamation Project - Year Two




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